Homeless People Are Still People

Flickr: Rui Duarte When I was a kid, I didn’t understand the complexities of homelessness. I just assumed that homeless people were all lazy and irresponsible. It couldn’t be that hard to get a job and take care of yourself, right? When you’re young, life is simple like that. No one ever explicitly told me […]


The world is quiet My thoughts are private My heart beating is the metronome of the passing minutes Breaths are labored visits My mind is loud and scattered Outlandish ideas become gathered, then fractured No expectations Heightened sensations Life’s biggest frustrations Is anyone else out there lucid Is anyone else out there wounded I feel […]

Update: May 2019

Hello Everyone! Okay so I’m still not dead (just depressed, anxious, and terrified about the current state of the world) and I wanted to give a quick life update as of almost June 2019. I finished my first semester of college with a 3.6 GPA which is a miracle in itself. I’m still employed; an […]