What’s It Like to Have Anxiety?

what’s it like to have anxiety? imagine 15 missed calls from your mom then your phone dies like you’re holding a glass of water that’s filled to the brim then have to walk up three flights of stairs without spilling a drop receiving a “can we talk?” text then not getting a response for six […]


The world is quiet My thoughts are private My heart beating is the metronome of the passing minutes Breaths are labored visits My mind is loud and scattered Outlandish ideas become gathered, then fractured No expectations Heightened sensations Life’s biggest frustrations Is anyone else out there lucid Is anyone else out there wounded I feel […]

My Antidepressants Make Me Sick

Anyone who has taken or is taking antidepressants should unfortunately be able to relate to this. My Anti Depressants Make Me Sick “Take these, you’ll get better!” “Now there will be a few side effects, but nothing to worry about.” “It won’t be that bad…” I say, filled with doubt.   Anti depressants would be […]