Syllabus Organization

Picture this: It’s the middle of October, and you’re drowning in assignments, daily reading, biweekly class discussions, and two essays that completely crept up on you.  You thought you were organized enough and were keeping track of everything, but life got in the way, and now you’re behind, stressed, and regretting signing up for half of the courses you’re taking.

For full-time students, full-time workers, or both, keeping track of every assignment in every class on a week-by-week basis can be extremely difficult, especially when a large assignment rolls around while you’ve been focused on daily/weekly tasks.  This is where syllabus organization comes in.  

Many schools and universities use Canvas, a widespread university interface where online classes are held, grades are posted, and direct communication is open between instructors and students.  While some instructors will enter every assignment on their syllabus into Canvas, so you’re notified when something is due, other instructors don’t post every assignment that is due within Canvas until the day it is due, or they’ll request that you send it in outside of Canvas.  Also, oftentimes assigned reading is not inputted into Canvas with a due date, yet you are responsible for viewing the information.  

The end result of a syllabus organization sheet looks something similar to this:


One CourseTwo CoursesThree CoursesFour CoursesFive CoursesSix CoursesSeven Courses
7+ days$10$20$30$40$50$60$70
5-7 days$10$30$40$50$60$70$80
2-3 days$10$35$45$55$65$75$85
Next Day$10$40$50$60$70$80$90
Same Day$25$50$75$100$125$150$175

Additional Feature: Week by Week Spreadsheet

One CourseTwo CoursesThree CoursesFour CoursesFive CoursesSix CoursesSeven Courses
Additional Cost$10$15$20$25$30$35$40
A snippet of what a week-by-week spreadsheet looks like; can also be color-coded like the main spreadsheet

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What is syllabus organization?

Syllabus organization is a process where we take all of the syllabi from all of the courses a student is taking in one semester and create a spreadsheet of ALL due dates and even what time they are due.  Additionally, this spreadsheet can be broken down on a week-by-week basis, so every assignment and required reading is laid out for you plain and simple. This allows you to focus on completing your assignments, not scrambling trying to figure out what your assignments are and/or when they’re due.  

Why would I need syllabus organization?

Organization, time management, and constantly looking over the syllabus are things that elude all college students at some point- many of us have been there.  While individual syllabi tell you what is due and when, if you’re taking five courses, that means there are five different syllabi you have to consult and keep constant reminders of when materials are due. This combined with general forgetfulness can cause you to fall behind on assignments very quickly. Syllabus organization allows you to stay on track academically and gives you one less thing to have to organize or stress over! 

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”

-Earl Nightingale