Content Writing

Distinct writing styles require a different set of criteria for determining whether or not the text is compelling enough to your readers. On the surface, copywriting and content writing appear to be the same thing; nevertheless, the two types of writing have significant differences. The primary contrast between copywriting and content writing is the goal. Copywriting pitches your brand and is focused on selling; however, the primary purpose of content writing is informing- telling them about it while providing reliable information.  

AAO provides these content writing services:

Blog Posts: Blog content marketing helps promote your brand’s visibility and drive visitors to your website. With this service, you can turn your company’s blog into a center of well-produced, useful blog articles for your consumers.

Email Marketing Copy & Newsletters: Delivering high-quality content writing via email is still one of the most successful means of content marketing. It works for companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries. The email marketing copy and newsletters service will assist you in starting to build your business online.

Informational Infographics: If you could choose between a block of text or a colorful, organized infographic with the same information- which would you choose?  Infographics are useful for communicating a new or specialized concept or for providing a high-level overview of a subject.

Press Releases: Update your customers or create excitement around a new product or service from your organization

Print Products: Flyers, letterheads, posters, pamphlets, and other such products can be inviting advertisement tools used to draw in an audience.  They can be used digitally or printed for physical copies. These well-crafted products serve as a long-lasting way to promote products, events, and services cost-effectively.

SEO Content: The difference between a regular, recurring stream of visitors to your brand’s website and none at all may very well be determined by search engine optimization (SEO). With this feature, you may create optimized content to improve your company’s online pres

Social Media Posts:  In 2019 and 2020, internet users worldwide spent an average of 145 minutes per day on social media. This is a fantastic opportunity for brand recognition and advertising. Using social media brings your products and information in front of millions of people and markets your business while doing so.


Blog Posts, Email Marketing Copy & Newsletters, Press Releases, SEO Content (per word)

Turnaround TimeRate Per Word250 Words500 Words1,000 Words2,500 Words
Standard Plus (7+ days)$0.08 PW$20.00$40.00$80.00$200.00
Standard (5-7 days) $0.10 PW$25.00$50.00$100.00$250.00
Rush (2-3 days)$0.15 PW$37.50$75.00$150.00$375.00

Infographics, Print Products, and Image-Based Social Media Posts (rates per product)

Turnaround TimeBrochures RPPFlyers RPPInformational Infographics RPPInvitations RPPLetterheads RPPPosters RPPSocial Media Graphics RPP
Standard Plus (7+ days)$25.00$20.00$25.00$10.00$15.00$30.00$10.00
Standard (5-7 days) $30.00$25.00$30.00$15.00$20.00$35.00$15.00
Rush (2-3 days)$40.00$35.00$40.00$25.00$30.00$40.00$25.00

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What is content writing?

Content writing builds rapport/trust with consumers, creates a positive brand association, and increases domain authority. It entails crafting intelligent materials that educate, entertain, and teach your audience. The goal of content writing is to engage your audience constructively so that they will grow to trust your brand and be interested in your product or service over time.

What types of content are produced by content writing?

The types of content are produced by content writing: blog posts, books (physical and e-books), email newsletters, film, magazine features, magazines (digital and printed), newspaper articles, podcasts, radio, social media posts, and television.

What are the differences between content writing and copywriting?

A short explanation of the difference between a copywriter and a content writer is that a copywriter sells and a content writer informs. So, your brand is promoted by a copywriter, and a content writer instructs, engages, educates, or entertains readers.

Why is content writing important?

Using the resources available to you to generate interesting, well-written, and helpful material that connects to your brand can demonstrate to potential consumers that you are good at what you do. It gives them information about what you provide and how you can assist them. If you write an attention-getting title, you can be sure that people will want to read it. Including figures, weird questions, or something to pique people’s interest in the content and title- bringing you more customers. Whether it’s a social media post or a blog article, keeping it engaging will encourage others to share it.

“Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.”

– Avinash Kaushik