You’re Not Black, Stop Saying Nigga.

nig·ger ˈniɡər/ noun offensive  1. a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person. con·temp·tu·ous kənˈtempCHo͞oəs/ adjective  showing contempt; scornful. Nigger > Nigga > Negra/Nigra > Negro > Black/African American Some need to know vocab: NB- non black/ not black (everyone except black people) POC- people of color (all minorities) NB POC- people of color who […]

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Why the Double Standard?

Alright kiddies, today I’m talking about the double standards that black people and white people are held to by society.  Leggo. EXHIBIT A: This is Cory Monteith. He died on July 13, 2013 from a drug overdose.  (Disclaimer: I’m not in ANY way saying his death wasn’t saddening.)  Corey said that his problems with drugs and alcohol […]

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Black Girl VS The Dating World

(Let me just say that this is based off of my personal experiences and the experiences of my friends.  You CANNOT make this amount of ignorance up.)  “You’re so pretty for a black girl.” “I bet you’re good at twerking, huh? 😉 “ “Mmmm, I love your [chocolate], [caramel], or [cocoa butter] skin!”* *(Coming from a […]

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