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“Stop and Frisk” Cannot Be Apologized For

“Stop and Frisk” cannot be explained away by Mike Bloomberg as an ‘oops, my bad’, here’s why.


On February 13, 2020, Michael Bloomberg issued an ‘apology’ for “Stop-and-Frisk” saying:

“There is one aspect of approach that I deeply regret, the abuse of police practice called stop and frisk. I defended it, looking back, for too long because I didn’t understand then the unintended pain it was causing to young black and brown families and their kids. I should have acted sooner and faster to stop it. I didn’t, and for that I apologize.”

Deeply regret, huh? I deeply regret eating an entire container of Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for dinner last night. I deeply regret not studying hard as I should have for my biology quiz last week. I deeply regret not buying these adorable shoes I saw when I was shopping a few days ago.

You do not get to “deeply regret” giving the green light to a policy that terrorized black and brown communities for years. F*ck that.

“Stop and Frisk” cannot be explained away as an ‘oopsie.’ Michael Bloomberg is 78 years old. He was 60 years old at the start of his career as mayor in 2002. Are you telling me it took him until the big age of 78 to realize that a racist policy was…racist? K…

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Federal Education Reform Needs To Include Race

Unsplash — moren hsu

If America were a tree, white supremacy would be its roots.

Source — Blogspot

African-American history is actively erased. Hispanic/Latin-American history is actively erased. Asian-American history is actively erased. The history of the Indigenous people of the Americas is actively erased. Why? White supremacy.

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The Reason You Hate Fat People Isn’t Because You Care About Their Health

Unsplash — Siora Photography

Fat people simply existing in this world does not mean they are advocating or promoting anything; let’s start there

This problem goes beyond Lizzo.  This is a problem of how fat-shaming, body-shaming, and faux-health concern are rooted in our culture.

One of the core issues here is automatically equating thinness to health. Even medical professionals see fatness as the cause of illnesses that have nothing to do with weight.

A woman named Karyn S. had a horrid sinus infection and was lectured by a physician on how she needed to lose weight as she was hacking on the consultation table.

Rebecca Hiles was told by her doctors for years that her persistent, violent coughing fits were “clearly just weight-related” when in actuality, her lung was rotting.

Martina Donkers was told that her increasingly painful knee pain was “due to early-onset arthritis as a result of my being overweight” despite being an active dancer and netball player. She was diagnosed with ‘patellae chondromalacia’ and told she would have to manage that for the rest of her life. Her doctor told her, “It was probably hereditary, exacerbated by my weight.” After joining a gym, she was introduced to a personal trainer who helped her ease the pain of her knee condition- completely ridding her of the pain in six months. The treatment style changed, not her weight.

A friend of Virgie Tovar had been dealing with severe exhaustion but chose not to see a doctor for a while in fear of being told to just “lose weight.” It turns out that she was anemic. She had to undergo an emergency blood transfusion because her red blood cell count was so low.

And fat-phobia related horror stories go on.

Fat-phobia kills

If doctors (people with whole ass degrees) are treating fat patients differently because of their weight, imagine how accurate the on-the-spot-diagnosing from randoms are?

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Donald Trump Was Full of Sh*t In His State of the Union Address

Unsplash — Annie Spratt

I’ve been writing about my distaste for Donald J. Trump since I was 15 years old, just in covering the basics of his racism, sexism, sexual assault allegations, and xenophobia, among other things.

But watching his 2020 State of the Union address reignited the intense irritation I’ve always felt towards his political career and his repugnant character.The speech was a predictably very partisan, cleaned-up version of one of his rally speeches. He read entirely from his speech, which included none of his famous ad-libs. I would bet my left kidney that he did not write that speech as it was far too eloquent sounding for him, but that’s beside the point.All of the quotes discussed here come directly from Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address.

The vision I will lay out this evening demonstrates how we are building the world’s most prosperous and encloses — an inclusive society, one where every citizen can join in America’s unparalleled success and every community can take part in America’s extraordinary rise.

Ah yes, because when I think of the effect the Trump administration has had on the culture of America, “inclusive society” definitely is the first thing that comes to mind. I am convinced Trump’s speechwriter is being kept in a closet in the White House and hasn’t been allowed to leave since 2017.

Our agenda is relentlessly pro-worker, pro- family, pro-growth, and, most importantly, pro-American.

Yeah, pro-family, until it comes to separating families at the southern border. Pro-worker until its time to pay them LIVABLE wages.

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Nancy Pelosi’s Faux Outrage

I wouldn’t have a problem with these displays of distaste towards Trump if they felt like more than “memable” moments.

She ripped up a speech- big woop.

She clapped in a weird way. Okay.

White “liberal” politicians have to do the absolute bare minimum to be seen as “owning” Trump.

Are we forgetting Pelosi’s voting record?

A bipartisan, $738 billion military budget deal negotiated between Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was given the green light in mid-2019. Meaning that means the military gets $738 billion, while…everything else gets $632 billion combined.

Here’s what that looks like:

Education, infrastructure, healthcare, agriculture, social security, science, housing- all of it- gets kicked to the curb so America can play War hawk. This passed 67–28 in the Senate and 284–149 in the House, with only sixteen Democrats opposing it. THIS is what Nancy Pelosi approved of.

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Pen To Paper

Unsplash — @aaronburden

Writing is all about an escape,
Something is enticing and intoxicating about a world you can reshape.
Being drawn to the realm of fiction,
Is to revel in universes that have no restrictions.

I didn’t realize this when I was young, however,
I didn’t see myself as being that clever.
I buried my nose into books about mythology, history, and fables,
Literature of a time long past littered my dining room table.

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Don’t Forget: The FBI Wanted Martin Luther King Jr. To Kill Himself

Photo Source: BBC Radio 4

Today at 4:01 am PST, the FBI’s official Twitter account posted a tweet commemorating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King JR.

The same FBI that sent a letter to Dr. King while he was alive trying to convince him to kill himself? That FBI?

Source: New York Times



It is always so astounding to me how people so quickly forget how hated MLK was during his life. This man was fully being monitored by the United States government and was operating under the threat of bodily harm for years.


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The Chronicles of Dating-App Fatigue

Unsplash — Pratik Gupta

Swipe right.

Swipe left.

Swipe left.

Swipe rig– no, swipe left.

Swipe right.

Swipe left.

Swipe right.

Swipe left.

Swipe right.

Swipe right.

We’ve all been there. Stuck in the endless vortex of swiping on one of the big three: Tinder, OkCupid, or Bumble. No beginning, no end, there is only swiping.

Unsplash — Brooke Cagle

But seriously, dating in 2020 means your index and thumb finger have endured more repeated use than gym equipment on January 2nd.

Unless you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere or your settings are so set explicitly that only three people fit the criteria- the swiping is endless. Up until Tinder added a swipe limit (that you can bypass via paywall), you could swipe left or right on people all day long. However, you can still swipe to your heart’s content on Bumble and OkCupid.

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Beauty and the Blackfishing

Isabell Winter — Unsplash

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. That’s a bold-faced lie.

A few days ago, I saw a bunch of people posting a picture of some random woman on Twitter, saying she was doing blackface. Before you open images on Twitter, you only see the top half. So all I saw was this:

Kim Kardashian West — Twitter

“What are they talking about? She’s clearly blac- oh my god, it’s Kim Kardashian.”

Kim Kardashian West — Twitter

I was shocked. I thoroughly thought it was some photo shoot featuring a light-skinned black woman. NOT Kim K: a woman of Armenian and English descent.

What is going on?

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