Jokingly referring to herself as a “professional alphabet reorganizer,” Solér Bean has been a professional writer for four years, a content writer for two years, and an university English tutor for one year. She writes mainly on Medium with the publications An Injustice! and Age of Awareness. Due to her meticulous editing process and attention to detail, she has been co-editor for Noirella, a revolutionary publication by Black women centering topics around Black people, since June 2021.

Starting Afros-And-Opinions when she was 15-years-old while stuck at home for a week with the flu, it was initially just a passion project where she detailed her feelings on current political events, feminism, and race relations. She also had a massive afro at the time, hence the name Afros-And-Opinions.  What started as simply venting on a personal blog transformed into writing articles, being published in online publications, and writing becoming Solér’s primary professional focus.

Solér has been writing about mental health, relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, racial justice, and politics for seven years, starting on a personal blog then moving to published articles. She uses her writing abilities to make convoluted topics accessible and easily digestible to the general public, believing that writing is a necessary tool and creative medium to connect people of different backgrounds and even through different time periods.

Solér is currently earning a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in professional writing then moving on to a Master’s degree in the same field. She obtained her A.A. in English in December of 2020.  

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“Of course I’m a black writer…. I’m not just a black writer, but categories like black writer, woman writer and Latin American writer aren’t marginal anymore.”

– Toni Morrison