The “Nice” Guy

                                                     De Rose International

I’m going to be speaking generally and saying “men” throughout this. If you feel the urge to go “bUt nOt aLL mEn!” then this blog post is directed at you.

“Oh my god, he called me a bitch and a slut after I rejected him!”

“He pressured me to go on a date with him for months until I said yes!”

These statements have never, ever, ever, EVER been spoken. And for a good reason.

“Well actually Solér, I’m nice to women, but they don’t realize my worth because I don’t treat them like trash. You see, women don’t like guys who are nice to them like me, they like assholes. So if they say no to me, I talk to them like trash because that’s what women lik-”


Read the rest of this piece on!

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