Our Society



We live in a place
Where a woman can’t walk in any space
Without being hounded by unwanted attention
Ignore it and it creates unwarranted sexual tension, making her feel like she’s just some possession.

Where big girls get called ugly, unwanted, and disgusting but when they retaliate it’s seen as insulting and its disrupting to “positive” body images.

Size 22s throwing up to be size 2’s but in the process they lose the clues to choose who they want to be
That beautiful girl in the mirror they no longer see.

Diets, fads and just not eating
Little do they know it’s their own health they are cheating by pleading with their bodies instead of feeding.

The sickening standards make girls remember their displeasure and they measure their self worth under ridiculous amounts of pressure.

We live in a society where girls being are pressured to ‘show’ themselves to boys hoping to surpass the harassment and not for a man’s ego to become a mere fragment.

Genuine, non sexual compliments from guys are absent and love has become completely stagnant.

Love is obsession that is insisted but is depicted as a young man who is addicted and committed but is contradicted by the his twisted ideals of love that are not completely hidden, but hinted.

Abuse is viewed as romantic but showing someone you sincerely care is seen as drastic and sarcastic as if feelings are just plastic and that electric feeling you have for that person is just static.

A boy could hit a girl and apologize then the girl, by society’s standards, would be forced to compromise.

A guy could call you a whore and your entire being as a woman would be shaken to its core, it’s almost like everyday is a war with no one sworn to protect you.

We live in a society where boys thinking because they buy you a burger and an apple pie, a woman should automatically be prepared to lay down and die from them or else they’ll be condemned.

Women bending over backwards to please their man without knowing why this misogynistic world began.

I guess you could say being a woman is an exam or rather a scam or a big huge slam in the face with the realization that a lot of these men don’t even give a damn.

You get called fat simply just for eating but on the inside you’re severely bleeding from the verbal beatings.

You listen to the teachings, you can read other people’s feelings but they all have different meanings.

Lots of men need to do self cleaning and a mental screening and wonder why the women of world are screaming for their voices to be heard and not just for the lines to be blurred and for you to say our feelings shouldn’t be stirred or whatever the you thought you heard.

There can be a change, the future isn’t that out of range, if men and women had a verbal exchange then maybe we could realize the other one isn’t so strange.

This hierarchy, this patriarchy of the sexes needs to be rearranged, it’s insanely deranged that we would become completely estranged just because our chromosomes were prearranged.

I’m just saying as a species we shouldn’t shortchange each other. We just need to think and act smarter.

One thought on “Our Society

  1. Another great piece! Well said my dear girl well said! We need more women who can verbalized this. It’s what all of us are thinking and feeling but can’t really voice… either because we don’t have the ability to write down the hurt, or maybe because we just can’t find the words to really express these suppressed feelings. Thank you for being our voice!

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