They Hate Us.

Hey guys!  I wanted to do something different so this is just some poetry I’ve been working on as of late.  There are strong language and some sexual references (just warning you).  Enjoy!


They Hate Us. – SB


“What’s up, nigga?”

“Fucking niggers.”

“OMG, you got lip injections? I love them!”

“LOL, big lipped monkey.”

“She’s got such a fat ass, goddamn.”

“She looks like a horse.”

“I’ll let you off with a warning.”


Why do you hate us?




Now obviously it’s not a “Get outta here nigger” hate
But institutional racism that’s controlled by the states
It’s not a “We don’t serve your kind here” hate
But an “I love rap music but am scared of black people” hate
A “I love the NFL but won’t let my daughter date a nigger” hate
It’s that special kind of hate
That “Let’s make America great again” hate
But of course, people are more politically correct
Racism nowadays is extremely indirect
“You wrote this?” or “You’re so well spoken!” is all I’m hearing
I’m smiling in your face but on the inside, I’m screaming
But the only reason you’re saying this is because the black people you met before me were automatically dismissed

White girls fetishizing black men
But they don’t really care about you
If this was 1921 and you were getting lynched they’d be enjoying the view
White men reducing black women to their lips, hips, and asses
They think we should be flattered by their inappropriate advances
I don’t understand how you can screw us, copy us, then call us ugly
Y’all look to black people for trends like junkies
You want to be us and you can’t deny it
Even though there’s an obvious cultural split
You get ass shots and lip injections
While black girls can’t stand the sight of their reflections
You speak in Ebonics trying to be cool
But your Compton turns into Silicon Valley when you come to school
It’s obvious you don’t care about us
Saying stuff like “Why is this #BlackLivesMatter thing causing such a fuss?”
But your #AllLivesMatter mentality is selective
Especially when Syrian refugees and Mexicans are the objectives
But that’s not the point right?
#AllLivesMatter but only if they’re white

Y’all hate us and don’t even try to deny
That every time one of us dies you always reply
“Well, why didn’t he just listen?”
No! We are not children and this is not a prison
America’s streets are paved with gold while black bodies bleed crimson


Black is beautiful, I mean I guess
I didn’t know having melanin would come with this much stress
It’s crazy that all I want to do sometimes is forget
Forget that Mike Brown was killed over an allegedly stolen cigarette
I want to remember
When the police were honorable defenders
And not shooting unarmed first-time offenders
It all takes a toll you mentally
Hearing about the black body count adding up steadily
And it’s scary to know I could be the next one
One dirty look and BAM! It’s “I thought she had a gun.”
I don’t want to live like this anymore
When everyone’s response to your people’s pain is to ignore
So one more time I’m going to ask…

Why do you hate us so much?

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