Why Being ‘Colorblind’ Makes You Racist

*updated on May 24, 2019* [originally updated on February 12, 2016]


“I don’t care if you’re black, white, purple, or green, I see everyone the same!”

“When I see you, I don’t see you as black!”

“I don’t see color!”

“If we stopped making everything about race then it’d go away!”


Ah, colorblindness.  No, not this type of colorblindness:Color-blind-grid_2048x


This type of colorblindness:



Okay first off, everyone “sees” color.  

If you can’t notice the difference in color between these two, then you should see an eye doctor.  Now obviously, there’s nothing wrong with there being different skin colors. We’re humans.  Due to evolution and genetic mutation, varying skin colors should be expected.  The problem is when you start seeing different skin colors as an issue.  That’s where this whole ‘colorblindness’ thing comes in.

Now colorblindness is 95% of the time, something that comes from white people.  When you are white, you have the privilege of not either needing to see color and being able to ignore the races of people of color.  Minorities don’t have this privilege because we’re always seen as representatives of our race instead as individuals.  BUT:



“I don’t care if you’re black, white, or an alien, I see everyone the same!”

Translation:  “I think minorities are an anomaly so I’m going to ignore their racial identities as people and the culture they come from so I don’t have to own up to my own internalized racism and bigotry!”

“When I see you, I don’t see you as black!”

Translation: “You don’t fit the negative stereotype of how I view black people SO you’re automatically not black!”

“I don’t see color!”

Translation: “I ignore the struggles, oppression, and discrimination against minorities and am covering up my racism by saying I see everyone equally!”

“If we stopped making everything about race then it’d go away!”

Translation: “I acknowledge my own privilege but ignore all racism and all of the discrimination minorities go through because talking about racism makes me uncomfortable!”

It’s understandable now why white people are so afraid of minorities…They think we look like this…


But in all seriousness, being told that you’re not “seen as black” or hearing someone say they don’t see color is hugely offensive. Not only are you erasing my identity and experiences I’ve had as a black woman, you somehow try to make it seem like it wasn’t a racist remark…Seriously?  The only reason you’re making these ignorant statements is that either A.) you are trying to hide how racist you really are B.) talking about racism and your own privilege makes you uncomfortable C.) your utter refusal to acknowledge minorities as humans D.) all of the above

I don’t really care if you think I’m exaggerating for calling all those “colorblind” people racist because it’s really not an exaggeration.  I wish it , but unfortunately, it is not. This whole colorblind thing was started by white people who did not want to take responsibility for their racist, microaggressive comments OR be confronted about their privilege.

Ever since it became socially frowned upon to call black people niggers, Mexicans “beaners,” and Asians “Ching Chang Chong,” racism has found a way to be a lot more subtle and extremely effective.

This colorblind crap is a way for racist people to stay racist under the guise of “I see everyone equally.”  It’s ideal to THINK we see & treat everyone equally when we don’t AT ALL.  Living in America, if you didn’t grow up racist or with subconscious racism in you, then you’re a miracle.  Like the second coming of Jesus type of miracle.  Racism is a concept that’s been embedded inside all of us.  It’s a taught and learned behavior.

If someone has to continually insist they’re colorblind OR gets mad whenever race is talked about in any context:



So when someone says they are “colorblind” not only are they racist and trying to cover it up but they’re just straight up lying to you and themselves.


You’ve just recently become a doctor.  You’ve worked so hard to get through medical school and are extremely proud of yourself.  Of course, you want to tell everyone you’re a doctor.  Your friends are ecstatic for you but when you get to one of your other friends they say to you:

“I just don’t see you as a doctor LOL.”


It’s so ridiculous because if you replace “I don’t see color.” with ANYTHING else sounds so ridiculous.


Telling a blind person:

“I just don’t see you as blind.”


Telling a deaf person:

“I just don’t see you as deaf.”


Telling a pregnant woman:

“I just don’t see you as pregnant.”


Telling a cat:

“I just don’t see you as a feline.”


Looking at a sofa:

“I just don’t see you as a couch.”


Looking at Thanksgiving dinner:

“I just don’t see you as food.”

You get the point?


You can’t NOT see someone or something for what they are.  Lord.

You can’t deny someone something that they actually are.  I’m not actually serious about the doctor thing, but that’s honestly how you all sound.  Can you imagine telling someone with a walking disability “I just don’t see you as disabled.”?  No?  Okay then STOP DOING IT TO MINORITIES.

So, if you are apart of this colorblind movement, please invest yourself in an accurate, non-whitewashed history book and educate yourself on how colorblindness became a thing.

In conclusion:


Thanks for reading! 🙂

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