The ‘Slut’ VS The ‘Virgin’

Alright disclaimer, I am referring to cisgender men and women in this (meaning people who identify as the gender and sex they were given at birth). Alright. Let’s do this.  Here’s the dictionary definition of the two. Slut: 1.) a woman who has many casual sexual partners 2.) a woman with low standards of cleanliness […]

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Hello Internet!

*updated on 12/2/2017 Welcome to the pro-black, feminist-friendly, ignorance-free side of the internet! What’s popping y’all?!  I’m Solér. (Myself and my bitmoji) I’m an 18-year-old black woman living in America so I figured I’d start a blog because WHY NOT?  My inspiration to start this blog came from becoming more socially aware of racism, misogyny, […]

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