Hi Everyone! Okay so I’m not dead (just depressed) and I wanted to give a quick life update. I graduated high school!(yay!) I got a job! I turned 18! So by all accounts I am a fully functioning adult human person. I don’t have a decent excuse for why I stopped writing so I’ll just […]

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My Antidepressants Make Me Sick

Anyone who has taken or is taking antidepressants should unfortunately be able to relate to this. My Anti Depressants Make Me Sick “Take these, you’ll get better!” “Now there will be a few side effects, but nothing to worry about.” “It won’t be that bad…” I say, filled with doubt.   Anti depressants would be […]

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You’re Not Black, Stop Saying Nigga.

nig·ger ˈniɡər/ noun offensive  1. a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person. con·temp·tu·ous kənˈtempCHo͞oəs/ adjective  showing contempt; scornful. Nigger > Nigga > Negra/Nigra > Negro > Black/African American Some need to know vocab: NB- non black/ not black (everyone except black people) POC- people of color (all minorities) NB POC- people of color who […]

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Our Society

    We live in a place Where a woman can’t walk in any space Without being hounded by unwanted attention Ignore it and it creates unwarranted sexual tension, making her feel like she’s just some possession. Where big girls get called ugly, unwanted, and disgusting but when they retaliate it’s seen as insulting and its […]

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Why the Double Standard?

Alright kiddies, today I’m talking about the double standards that black people and white people are held to by society.  Leggo. EXHIBIT A: This is Cory Monteith. He died on July 13, 2013 from a drug overdose.  (Disclaimer: I’m not in ANY way saying his death wasn’t saddening.)  Corey said that his problems with drugs and alcohol […]

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They Hate Us.

Hey guys!  I wanted to do something different so this is just some poetry I’ve been working on as of late.  There are strong language and some sexual references (just warning you).  Enjoy!   They Hate Us. – SB   “What’s up, nigga?” “Fucking niggers.” “OMG, you got lip injections? I love them!” “LOL, big […]

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